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Safeguarding Mission 

The Johannesburg Archdiocese is committed to keeping the children of our parish safe. Every parish has a dedicated and independent team of officers to which we are held accountable. If you for any reason feel your child is at risk, please get in touch with these Safeguarding essential contact personnel. 


Fr. PJ Cassidy - 084 498 9074


Prayer to St Joseph for the Family.
St Joseph, we entrust our family into your fatherly care. Help our family to be a beacon of faith in our neighborhood, workplaces, schools, parish, and world. Today, we ask that you pray for our family: That we may grow closer to Jesus and one another.


Rivonia Safeguarding Team 

Laurin Willson
Cindy Smith 

071 428 4812

083 459 2385

Emergency Numbers

Local Police Station

082 371 6504

(011) 722 4200

Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence Unit

(011) 722 4200

084 770 9807

Childline Gauteng

080 005 5555 (toll free number) 

Gauteng Office -  (011) 645 2000

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